James Bull


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About James Bull

I am married with two kids, a boy and a girl. I am blessed for these two.  Being that I am a
Cancer Survivor, Ewing Sarcoma (Bone Cancer), my wife and I underwent IVF for both of our
little munchkins.  I have been in Real Estate for about 10 years now, did mortgages for 5 years
and have been a realtor for about 5 years.  I was born and raised in Northern Nevada, 5th generation.
I have always been very competitive in sports but because of cancer 2/3rds of my leg is titanium alloy
which led me to be unable to continue sports throughout school.  Besides investing my time in real
estate, I like to golf, hang out with friends and of course my family, I love nature and I feel like humans have
gotten so far away from our instincts and just nature in general. Little things such as going on a hike
and enjoying a good view can be so rewarding.  I spend a lot of time taking care of my vessel,
change the tires, oil, keep the fluids full and when I say that I am referring to my body.  I believe that
because we are only given one body we should spend the time to take care of it. I try to be at the gym
every day and try to keep a good diet, although I may need to work on that a little harder...lol. I live by a motto,
do a little a lot. Everyday I do a little towards all my goals, repetition is key. Health, Family/Friends, Responsibilities, Service, Sobriety, and Spirituality. All equally important to my happiness.  I hope that gives you a little peek into who I am.